About us

Scaffolding International based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is a fully comprehensive access provider furnishing our client base with the best collaboration of solutions to bring projects in on time and budget.

SIIST favour large bespoke projects which are treated as “individual business units”. The unique approach pairs a senior manager with a full time designated project team consisting of secretarial, design, field and management back up.

Our projects are managed at source rather than afar. This enables us to produce work solutions of the highest caliber and a service of superior quality. SIIST was founded in 2007 and since that time the company has grown in the breadth of its operations and its capacity to undertake large scale and challenging complexity projects.

The sustained growth of the company has been largely funded from its profits being reinvested. The management team at SIIST, have been and will always be committed to its continued growth and success.

The company’s track record points to a founding vision – offering highest levels of service in the industry, incorporating the most modern and innovative advances in technology backed up with demanding requirements of professional expertise in the workforce.

The guiding principle inherent in SIIST vision can be summed up simply. It is to ensure that SIIST clients receive the kind of service that meets and exceeds expectations, time after time.

This extends not only to the delivery of prime services, but also to the many facets of what the company thinks of as ‘total package’ I, e concern for the wellbeing of our workers, consideration of other contractors on site and SIIST reputation as good corporate and social citizen.

The way SIIST performs reflects on the acumen of the company’s clients. Earning the trust of clients and working partners remains as undiminished as the day business began and will continue to be the driving force of our growth.


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