Health & Safety

Scaffolding international take great pride and place huge emphasis on our health and safety record which is widely respected.

Our philosophy is to keep health & safety at the forefront of everything we do, eradicating complacency whilst ensuring that everyone goes home safely each day be it our site team, fellow site operatives, or anyone else who comes into contact with our works.

Health & Safety Policy

The Objective of Scaffolding International Health and safety Policy is the continual improvement in Health & Safety

Management and the prevention of Injury and III health to those who may be affected . The Company is committed to the prevention during the course of the work or duties undertaken , any accidental occurrence resulting in :

Injury to any person

Damage to loss of any plant , equipment , property , material or products

Delays in any processes or operation

Events that may otherwise be detrimental to efficiency and / or prestige The policy is applicable to All Scaffolding International employees, workers and all person whose presence is necessary at

Scaffolding International premises, sites or works places .This includes the employees of subcontractors, Customers and visitors .

The application and promotion of the policy is the responsibility of Scaffolding International senior management. Whilst duties

And tasks may be delegate , the overall responsibility remains that of senior management to ensure that the company

By Implementing the above polices ,we endorse our commitment to carryout our business in the most professional manner .



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